E-Mail Classification / Routing

You are looking for a software which classifies incoming emails in a common functional mailbox and

forwards them to the right place in the company?

Mailytica is able to analyze incoming e-mails by using Artificial Intelligence, classify them and automatically forward them to the right place in the company. This Email Routing works hidden on the basis of Email Machine Learning and advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms.

Based on the text classification algorithms, Mailytica is able to identify the content subject of incoming emails. The classification goes beyond the recognition of individual keywords. Rather, Mailytica understands the context of individual sentences, paragraphs and e-mails. Subsequently, incoming e-mails are automatically assigned to the categories found.

Eingehende E-Mails
Art-Nr 8530 50 Stück
Ein Kunde hat eine eilige Anfrage über 50 Stück zu einem bestimmten Artikel.
Klassifizierung nach
E-Mail Machine Learning
Mailytica erkennt die Absicht und Ziel der Kundenanfrage. Anschließend klassifiziert Mailytica die E-Mail und ordnet diese den Kategorien „Eilig“ und „Anfrage“ zu.
Anschließende Aktion
- Kundenanfragen zu einem bestimmten Thema werden immer automatisch zu einem bestimmten Mitarbeiter weitergeleitet.
- Alle eiligen Anfragen werden mit einem roten Label „Dringend“ in Ihrem Postfach markiert.
- Die E-Mail wird je nach Klassifizierung in einen bestimmten Outlook-Ordner verschoben.
Integration in Geschäftsprozesse
Die Integration erfolgt nahtlos über ein Add-On in Outlook, Gmail oder Zendesk. Die Klassifizierung kann auch über eine REST-API Schnittstelle einem Drittsystem zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Mittels einer solchen API-Abfrage können Prozesse und Workflows in bestehenden Geschäftsprogrammen mit einer E-Mail Klassifizierung angereichert werden.
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How does the Email Routing work?

At the beginning there is a data set with emails. In an "initialization run" all emails are automatically assigned to a so-called categories. By doing so, a number of so-called "hot topics" emerge, which represent recurring business transactions.

However, Mailytica does not just recognize the categories. In addition, the data set analyzes where the emails were forwarded within the individual category in the past. This means that the rules are automatically detected and defined based on the dataset. Of course, these routing rules can be checked at any time and adjusted manually if necessary.

After the initialization run, Mailytica knows the "hot topics", the recurring business transactions, and can automatically forward new incoming emails to the desired locations according to the routing rules. Emails that can not be clearly classified can be forwarded manually at any time. With each manual forwarding Mailytica learns and apply this new knowledge to all future emails. Mailytica thus is continuously trained in new and old categories and can continuously increase the routing rates.

What distinguishes Mailytica's Email Routing?


Email Routing is an iterative process - the application is constantly learning through Artificial Intelligence. The breadth and quality of the decisions thus grow day by day.